About us

Foundation TAK is an artist-run organisation which fosters importance of music in modern society.
The foundation TAK combines the functions of management office, laboratory for new forms of music, publisher of music and a complex musical ensemble.  We support artistic productions which are in line with our objectives- commissioning new compositions, cross-over projects, participatory cultural events.

Our mission is:

-promotion of non-commercial music often using means of different arts: theatre, visuals,

-educating through music; developing positive attitudes by performing or listening to music,

-creating dialogue between different cultures by means of music,

-raising the profile of the cultures of minorities; including resolutely their elements into new modern productions;

Our projects have often a multicultural dimension and juxtapose musicians from different European countries. They explore the bridge-building capacity of music. Music, as the most universal language, brings direct and natural communication between artists representing different cultures. It touches the most universal spectrum of human beings, leading to better understanding. The foundation – besides its typically artistic projects – realises also workshops for children and youth where music is an important communication tool.

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