MOSTY (BRIDGES) connect different shores: modern jazz with traditional music, the Slav cantilena with African rhythms, the freedom of improvisation with the richness of the composed parts which explore the harmonic and sound potential of the dense configuration of the ensemble. The musicians invite us on the journey through different landscapes, which sometimes amaze but sometimes arouse familiar scenes in our memory. MOSTY introduce us to a world which is near but is still waiting to be discovered. The titles of the compositions emphasize the versatility of the music. They mean “bridge” in the different languages: HID in Hungarian, DARAJA in Swahili, JAMBATAN in Malesian, DILDEY in Amharic, BRUGGE in Flemish, ZUBIA in Basque, TULAY in Philippine, and POD in Romanian.

Line up :
Cezariusz Gadzina – soprano and alto saxophone
Robert Majewski – trumpet, flugelhorn
Maciej Sikała – tenor saxophone
Grzegorz Nagórski – trombone, euphonium
Cezary Paciorek – accordion
Paweł Pańta – double bass
Piotr Iwicki – percussions
Cezary Konrad – drums

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